CoolTraderPro Complaints

I am NOT aware of ANY complaints of ANY kind about CoolTraderPro


From my research, this amazing, leap forward technology has a successful track record of 14,000 customers using it and paying $4,000 per year for over 7 years and I couldn’t find a single complaint.

I do my homework. I’ve been a direct sales CEO, expert, speaker, trainer and successful affiliate for about 21 years now.


Obviously, you’re an adult and should do your own homework and due diligence. I did mine and I love the software, its results, the company. it’s leadership, the compensation plan, training .. the whole enchilada.

The operate professionally; compliance and correct communication are of the utmost importance, they created the field management system (of which I am a part) to insure this.   More than just my opinion, there are a lot of professionals in this business, who, like me, wouldn’t be here if there was any dirt to uncover.  Just a great company.

The Biggest Breakthrough since the Ticker Tape!

A Form of artificial intelligence
5 million Lines of Code
12 years of Development
$10 million in Development Costs

Recognized by Industry Insiders as the ONLY “Fully Automated System
available to the General Public”.

Instead of doing what I did, reading books, attending webinars, paying thousands and thousands of dollars for courses, getting up at midnight to trade as well as 5:30 am and all of the endless conversations about trading, this looks a LOT better. 3 Steps. That’s it.


CoolTraderPro Review Cool Trader Screenshot

This is a screenshot of what CoolTrader Pro looks like after it automatically turns itself on and starts trading in your account.  You can see in the top right hand corner there are buys and sells happening for your, you can see rules and lot of indicators to tell you the rules it is adhering to.  Its analyzing the market, looking at as many as a hundred or more variables for the right time to open or to close a position for you.  You can simply select one of the many strategies that come with the software, modify one, or create one from scratch.  For me, I really don’t care what the lights mean; Im not interested in learning to trade or even how the software work, I only want to know that its working and then I can let it do what it does so well for over 14,000 clients paying $4,000 per year for 7 years. I can take a nap, play golf or goof off.


In addition to this product having a 7 year history in 40 countries, 6 languages and 14,000 customers paying $4,000 per year for access, I will be posting my results here on my blog dedicated to CoolTraderPro Results >>> My Own CoolTraderPro Results


Because I really enjoyed his story so much and feel this is a Bill Gates type story and that Ed is kind of an American Folk hero, I thought I’d share with you everything I know here.


CoolTraderPro Review Ed Barsano

Ed Barsano is a genius. He is a programming genius; in fact I think of him like Russell Crow in the movie “A Beautiful Mind”, or maybe like a programmer in the “The Matrix”. Ed knows programming. I’m qualified to say this because I have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Engineering myself and I’ve written a LOT of programs.

It was very obvious meeting Ed, who by the way is also hilarious, and hearing him talk about CoolTraderPro that he is a Ninja of Ninja’s in the programming world. However, the ALSO really knows stock and trading inside and out as well. He actually went “under cover” and became a stock broker for an entire year while he was programming CoolTrader just so he could see what it looked like from the other side. Who does that? Are you serious? To build the program better, this multi-millionaire buys a pair of Cole Hans and a few suits (He was retired and didn’t have any), takes the courses and does the deal to become a broker just so he could get a few more nuggets to give CoolTrader Pro an advantage. Impressed? I am. Ed is, flat out, a genius.

I may not be an expert in trading (I actually don’t want to be as CoolTraderPro is and can do that for me), but I am an expert with people and what I can tell you is, “I like this guy”. I really do. Watching him, he’s a servant; wants the best for people and really goes the extra mile to help them. He’s the genuine article; the real deal. The following is Ed Barsano’s story, I think from his linked in page.

Ed Barsano – As is the founder and CEO of CoolTrade Inc. Prior to founding CoolTrade, Ed served in the U.S. Navy aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, and U.S.S Badger. In 1987, Ed was hired by Microsoft where he held the positions of software design engineer and project manager. After retiring from Microsoft, Ed founded CoolTrade, Inc., bringing the first robotic stock trading system to the trading industry. Ed and his wife reside in Scottsdale, Arizona where they raised their three children.




CoolTraderPro is what I call a “High Value” product.  Although I certainly will make no claims as to what it does or can do, the fact that 14,000 people have paid over $4,000 per year for it for 7 years in 40 countries, renewing their subscriptions is a clue for me.  Since their is no shipping cost or tangible raw materials cost, it is, appropriately like all software (Microsoft for example) has high margins.  The difference is that instead of the company doing major media campaigns and superbowl ads, they’ve created a direct sales opportunity to pay the regular for a referral. And, they pay .. very well. Personally, I like it better that Im paid and potentially you, instead of some multi-billion dollar ad company.  Here is the comp plan and I LOVE it.


If you do the math on their 14,000 customers they’ve had for over 7 years, paying $4,000 per year, you understand this is not a start up that is hoping to pay its bills. The markets, trading the markets is big business and ask anyone who’s familiar with Microsoft about the margins on software. There’s just a lot of money here and the company shares almost all of it with us.

NOTE: Compliance and doing things right is of the utmost importance to CoolTraaderPro and one of the things I LOVE as I want to protect this company. This is one of the reasons the company, from the beginning, has emphasized training and communication and another reason why the FMS program was created. Here is the value they place on it. “For Associates to receive compensation and commissions they must COMPLETE the training and that in order for the training to be considered “COMPLETED” the securities compliance test must be passed at 70%. The “test” is an “open book”quiz”.


This company does a better job of training than any company I’ve ever been with. For them, training is paramount. We currently do 10 Live Webinars per week (I do 5 of them) and 5 fully interactive live trainings. In addition, I also created a webinar system that has 6 More Webinars and an Instant replay per day at (Check it Out Now)




As I have spent millions of dollars (literally) to create the most advanced marketing systems and sales funnels for companies, I’m qualified to say that CoolTrader Pro has absolutely OUTSTANDING marketing funnel for both retail sales and for those who want to be associates. Attending a briefing on all of the functionality the CoolTraderPro marketing systems and business center provide, I was thoroughly IMPRESSED and .. THAT NEVER EVER HAPPENS. This is the first time I’ve ever seen any system that rivals what my own programmers created. Yes, its that good.

CoolTraderPro Review CTP Marketing SiteYou can Market and Manage Multi Million Dollar Business for … $19 a month!



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CoolTraderPro Review Marketing Resources


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